Accepting Who the World Told You Not to Be

The social environments in which we live and grow have expectations about who we are supposed to be. Perhaps in childhood or in youth, you wanted to pursue a dream, a vocation or something that your social environment taught you was unwise. Maybe you wanted to be an actor or artist, but you were instead told you ought to pursue becoming a doctor or lawyer.

There are many ways we are steered away from things from parents, friends, family, teachers, preachers, and others because they fear we are pursuing something outside of the bounds of what they believe to be a proper way of living. And we may have come under the illusion that we wanted was wrong, even if that was not explicitly said.

As we grow into adulthood, looking back at those things which may have deeply felt to be who we are can be a way of awakening who we are now as adults.

What dream did you want to pursue while growing up that you were convinced wasn’t something you should do? What idealistic notions have you had about the way life could be, but were told that wasn’t realistic and you should give up? What parts of yourself have been suppressed that you need to look at, and see if there are areas you should let them out to gain a deeper understanding of who you are?

What parts of yourself do you need to accept, that the world told you not to be?


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